OUTWOD - NYC Pride Edition

What would OUTWOD be without our community and our...well...pride?!?

On the heels of what could very well be an amazing news week for LGBT persons nationwide - OUTWOD has teamed up with CrossFit Virtuosity once more for New York City Pride!

Here's what you need to know.

DATE: Saturday, June 27th, 2015


START TIME: 11:00am



For time and fabulousness:

150m Skipping
6 Bend & Snaps (aka Dumbbell Snatches) each arm (70/35lbs)
28 Thrusters (of course!) (65/45lbs)
69ft Double Medicine Ball Carry, 2x20lbs
6 Bend & Snaps (aka Dumbbell Snatches) each arm (70/35lbs)
28 Good Mornings (65/45lbs)
69ft Bear Crawl
150m Skipping

Please dress (in)appropriately: short shorts and glitter are not only suggested but encouraged.

AFTER: Post-WOD mix and mingle at Northern Bell at 612 Metropolitan.

Register below.

Here are photos from last year - let's blow it up again this year!