OUTWOD Nashville - May 2017

Our next OUTWOD in Nashville for 2017 will be hosted by CrossFit Melrose in Nashville, Tennessee! 

The beneficiary for our this event will be Nashville CARES. Nashville CARES offers services annually to over 55,000 Middle Tennesseans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, including HIV prevention education to more than 35,000 youth and adults. Nashville CARES provides almost 16,000 confidential HIV tests annually and provides essential support services to over 3,000 men, women and children living with the disease.



WHAT: OUTWOD Nashville

WHERE: CrossFit Melrose, 2022 Lindell Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

DATE: Saturday, May 6th, 2017

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at 10:00am

WOD: See below.


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In teams of 2, complete the following for reps:

Station 1
5 minutes

15 KB SDLHP 53/70#
AMRAP – Double Unders

2:30 min to complete WB or rest 14/20#

Station 2
5 minutes:
10 Burpee over Box
AMRAP – Prisoner Lunges

2:30 min to complete WB or rest

Station 3
5 minutes:
285m Run
AMRAP – Wall Walks

2:30 min to complete WB or rest

* One partner will do required amount of reps of the first exercise while the other partner tries to complete as many reps as possible of the second exercise.
* When the first partner is finished, switch places. Continue to accumulate your reps for 5 minutes.
* During your rest you may choose to complete AMRAP of WB’s (only one partner may work at a time on WB’s)
* Your score is the total reps completed of calories on erg, prisoner lunges, wall walks + completed WB’s