OUTWOD Chicago - May 2016

CHICAGO! The 2016 CrossFit Games Open is over and we're back at it.

See below for more information and registration for the upcoming OUTWOD Chicago at Bucktown CrossFit, benefitting Chicago House.

What: OUTWOD Chicago

But really...what? OUTWOD is an hour long event where LGBTQ athletes + allies come together for a fun workout and raise funds for local LGBTQ charities.  Athletes should come prepared to workout and have fun. The WOD will be announced leading up to the event. If the WOD calls for a partner or a team, there will be time to do this at the event. Arrival is 11am, and the event will begin at 12pm with a welcome announcement, high-fives, and a group warm-up. Then, WOD standards will be covered and we'll commence. Afterward - for those who wish to join - we will head to a local watering hole and eat, drink, and be merry.

Where: Chicago Elite Fitness, 2271 Clybourn Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

When: Saturday, May 7, 2016

Arrival Time: 11:00am

Go Time: 12:00pm

Cost Per Participant: $30.00


In teams of 4:

Partner 1 + Partner 2

8 min AMRAP

100m Sprint

5 Hand Release Push Ups

10 DL (Performance RX 225/155, RX 185/125, Athlete 135/95)

Alternate Rounds between P1 + P2

Partner 3 + 4

8 min AMRAP

75 Single Unders (Performance RX 50 Double Unders)

5 Burpees over Erg

10 Pull Ups (Performance RX C2B, RX Chin Over, Athlete Scaled)

Alternate Rounds between P3 + P4

3 minute rest and switch AMRAPs.

After both pairs have completed the AMRAPs, rest 3 minutes then...

For time:

100 G2O (Performance RX 135/95, RX 95/65, Athlete 75/55)

Score is TOTAL rounds and reps for AMRAP 1 and 2 and time for part 2.


About Chicago House

Chicago House and Social Service agency serves individuals and families who are disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ marginalization, poverty, homelessness, and/or gender nonconformity by providing housing, employment services, medical linkage and retention services, HIV prevention services, legal services and other supportive programs.

About Chicago Elite Fitness

Chicago Elite Fitness is a veteran-owned and operated strength and conditioning facility located at 2271 N. Clybourn between the Bucktown and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of Chicago. Chicago Elite Fitness offers programs for CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting and strength and conditioning. 

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities Available, click here for the OUTWOD Sponsorship Packet for the 2015-2016 season.