OUTWOD is the largest international initiative for bringing together LGBT+ athletes and their allies to raise funds for local charitable organizations and sweat together in a safe, inclusive group fitness environment.

Our mission is to promote active and fit lifestyles of our LGBT+ community and allies.

Our pride is in the diversity we represent within the sport of fitness and openly invite anyone to join our welcoming community.




OUTWOD events are hosted by different gyms around the world.

LGBT+ athletes and allies join together to participate in CrossFit and CrossFit inspired workouts.

OUTWOD creates an inclusive community of all walks of life and inspires you to feel good about yourself, your workouts and your life.




Workout FAQs

What's the workout?

The WOD in OUTWOD stands for Workout of the Day. The workouts are constantly varying. No matter what format, OUTWOD is open to all levels of athlete from novice to professional. OUTWOD guarantees an intense interval fitness experience that provides an immersive, high-intensity, and effective workout.

All classes take place in a high-energy and encouraging environment with motivating music and inspiring instructors.

Will I be okay if I'm a beginner or not already in shape?

Don’t worry! We welcome beginners and have a lot of them. We look after all of our first-timers in every class.

You can set your own intensity level and choose the heaviness of your weights (if weights are involved). The most important thing is to just have fun!

But - for real - will I die?

Nope! Promise! With our encouraging community and instructors, you'll be guided safely and within your limits. In fact, we guarantee you'll have so much fun (and maybe sweat so much) you'll keep coming back for more. Oh yeah, and you'll be making great friends along the way!


Before the Event

1. Go to www.outwod.com and reserve your spot. Earlier registration guarantees not only your spot but also the best price!

2. Arrive 15 minutes early. If you're early - you're on time. If you're on time - you're late. Nobody wants to be late!

During the Event

3. All you need are your work out clothes and your kicks. If special equipment is needed - we'll let you know ahead of time.

4. Expect to meet a TON of people and learn more about your community and our charitable partners.

5. Buy or bring water. You must hydrate. For real. Trust us on this one.

Post Event

6. Strong selfie game required. You'll feel like a celebrity! All of our events are shot professionally by photographers. Steal the spotlight!

7. Network and get to know your new best friends. OUTWODs are typically followed by a social event either on site or at a nearby watering hole. Check your event details for all information.

8. Get involved! We guarantee you'll have a blast. To become an OUTCROWD Ambassador, apply online here.




OUTWOD supports local and national LGBT+ charities that we feel make an impact on the lives of our community and our future.